Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Neo-para Back Country Ski Trip

On Feb 4th 2013. Three members of the H.I.O.C Back Country Ski Group . Leon, Rick and new member Maxwell enjoy a great day BC skiing in the back hills of Sapporo.
The ay started off with a 3 hour skin up to the peak of Neo-para and an hour ski with some nice powder. With the usual warm conditions recently in Sapporo, we were lucky to get some nice powder on top of the hard packed snow base. Was a fun day. not bad for city back country skiing.

Neo-para: The start point
Neo-para: Heading up the first bowl
Neo-para: Leon heading up the first bowl
Neo-para: Rick(red) and Maxwell (green)
Neo-para: Maxwell
Neo-para: About 1/2 way up
Neo-para: Maxwell on the top plateau
Neo-para: Top plateau
Neo-para: Maxwell & Rick
Neo-para: Rick
Neo-para: Rick
Neo-para: BC ski run
Neo-para: One of many bowls
Neo-para: The bottom bowl
Neo-para: Rick on the bottom bowl
Neo-para: Rick on the bottom bowl
Neo-para: Maxwell in the trees
Neo-para: Rick & Maxwell
Neo-para: The run out and back to the start point
Neo-para: Leon, Rick, Maxwell

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