Monday, February 25, 2013

Wakasagi Ice Fishing

On Saturday Feb 23rd 2013. 6 members of H.I.O.C enjoyed a fun time ice fishing for "Wakasagi" on the river at Shintotsu town. When we got there the weather was very windy and really cold so we decided to fish in the glass huts they there which made things comfortable and was very warm.
We were all beginners at Wakasagi fishing so we didn't catch so much but had a good time and enjoyed

Leon at the office with the fishing gear
The fishing huts on the river
The fishing huts
Our fishing hut, nice and warm
inside the fishing hut
Leon trying to bait his hook and not doing a good job
All the rods in the water waiting to catch a fish
Got one !
Got another wakasagi
More wakasagi
Leon got one
The fishing huts
Ice fishing outside
Ice fishing outside but really cold
Everyone trying ard to catch a fish
All done for the day and ready for an onsen
Waiting to eat our catch
Yummy wakasagi !
The fishing huts in the early evening
Outside the onsen
The onsen

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