Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shiraoi-dake Snow Cave Trip

Four members of the H.I.O.C Back Country Ski group enjoyed a great trip and some great back country skiing in Hokkaido at MT Shiraoi where we dug a snow cave and spent the night and got a couple BC ski runs in.
Lake Shikitsuko, a short stop on the way
The parking spot and getting ready for our adventure
The start point
Heading off
A long flat trek through the trees
Starting the climb up
Climbing up
We found a spot for the snow cave. We put out safety flags
Let the dig start
We took it in teams with one guy always outside for safety
Tom, our safety guy
Rick, working hard
Rick making sure we have a nice door way
We dug out 2 sleeping chambers & hangout/kitchen area
Leon in the one person sleeping chamber
Our door

Rick, Leon, Maxwell inside the snow cave
Tom, Maxwell inside the snow cave
Our little cooking spot
Rick checking one of our air vents
Good Morning Leon !
Good Morning Rick !
Rick enjoying a hot coffee & enjoying the view
Good Morning Maxwell !
Our breakfast kitchen
Our Kitchen view
Leon enjoying his breakfast
Tom & everyone just enjoying scenery
Leon Roode
A nice day to just enjoy the views
Leon, Tom, Maxwell, Rick
Tom heading down
Maxwell heading down
Leon, Tom heading down
All finished and back at the car

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