Friday, October 26, 2012

Lake Ouma Camp & Komaga-dae Hike

Lake Onuma & Komaga-dake

HIOC had a great camp and hike to Lake Onuma area in the south of Hokkaido.

We all met up in Sapporo around 8 am and got on the road around 8.30.
The trip south is about a 5 hour drive without stops.

 Around 12 pm we only made it about halfway and decided to stop for lunch at a roadside restaurant 

Lunch stop
Lunch stop
Lunch stop
Lunch stop
After lunch we hit the road again and made to the camp ground around 3.30 pm.
When we we arrived it was sunny but very windy and the wind had a chill on it that was sharp.

Komaga-dake from the road
Komaga-dake from the road
first arriving at the camp area

The camp area is free and we managed to put up all our tents with a bit of work.
After setting up our camp we got down to the real work of cooking our Mexican dinner drinking a few beers.

Member of HIOC

For our Mexican dinner. We broke it up into three course. 1# Tacos, 2# Burritos, 3# Nachos .
The was very delicious and we really enjoyed.

Our leader: Leon Roode
The HOT!!! HOT!!!!! SAUCE
After dinner we got a campfire going and just chilled out and relaxed for the hike up Komaga-dake the next day.

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